Zen 9 & Health


Zen 9 is a waste eliminator that helps preserve good health. Because of its special formulation of natural plant extracts and Vitamin C, Zen 9 is easily absorbed into the blood stream. It readily binds with free radicals and toxins such as alcohol and efficiently transports them to be eliminated. At the same time it helps strengthen the immune system by reducing the load on your body.

Zen 9 helps protect the body against polluting agents that are always lurking in the air, water, food and the soil. Aiding your body in fighting colds, flu as well as asthma attacks, these are just some of the cool immune-strengthening benefits of Zen 9.

Simply by slowly sipping Zen 9, holding and swirling it in your mouth will quickly get the beverage working as it enters the blood stream through the cell linings in the mouth even before entering the digestive system!